June 4, 2012

A Writer's Life - The Finger

It was one of those spur of the moment decisions which, in retrospective, makes you wonder what on Earth possessed you to do such a thing. Don't worry, it's nothing that could get you arrested, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sit here and write these lines.

Remember when I posted about my horrible scrawl earlier this year? Nope, I didn't take up Calligraphy. On second thought that might have been a better idea. What I did was this - instead of writing as usual aka keyboard style I set my mind on writing by hand. To add insult to injury, I tried to write pretty. Emphasis on trying. Though I have to say it's really an improvement to my usual undecipherable notes. At least if you don't read further than the first three pages *cough*.

Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what gave me the idea. It's not as though my computer died and I've been left with nothing more than the archaic instruments of pen and notepad. All I know is that roughly 35 pages later (admittedly over the course of four days) my hand felt like it would be falling off any minute. So I took off the fifth day.

Then I noticed it.

The painful numbness accompanied with a slight swelling.


The finger.

Please don't make me tell you which one I'm referring to. Though I'm willing to give you a hint - it's the one people usually do not take kindly to when confronted with it. Stop grinning now. This isn't funny. Well, it may be for everyone else, but not for me.

A week later things haven't exactlly improved much on the finger-front, but I am once again resorting to typing which, oddly enough, isn't painful. Holding a pen on the other hand (ha) is. So far the swelling didn't abate and frankly I'm starting to wonder if I'm simply confusing swelling with muscles building. Once again. Not funny.

I guess my point is ... alright, I don't think there is a point. I got nostalgic about writing by hand and it turned out I should have taken babysteps instead of trying myself on the writing equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. Lesson learned. Keyboard good. Pen bad.

Ultimately of course I think it's a real shame how we do most of our writing on the computer these days. I miss the feeling of pen and paper (obviously), but I obviously need to get accustomed to them again. And I bet if I had planned to take up riding a bike again, other parts of me would be in pain now too.

How about yourself? Still writing by hand or mostly on the computer?
Have you ever experienced any writing related injuries with either method? Sprained fingers? Good old writer's cramp (also known as tendinitis)? Broken nails? Type away(if you still can).


  1. I've always been a pen-and-paper writer. I've tried composing on the keyboard, but I feel that everything I write on the computer is utter crap. So, for me, it's only for typing everything up...I like that method, too, because you can edit what you've hand-written as you type along. Maybe it's all the writing practise my hands get, but I very rarely get cramps or anything like that in my hands...unless I'm on a splurge and I look up and it's been an hour, but that happens (sadly!) too rarely.

    1. I think practice is really all it takes. When I was still at Uni I would write pretty much everything by hand and I never had any problems. Now my hands have obviously deteriorated from their former glory days, oh well.

  2. I don't meant to laugh at you, I swear, but lol. I'm sorry about your finger. I don't remember the last time I tried writing my hand. Sometimes I take notes in class with pen and paper and that's always a bad idea. Anyway, I like to plan on pen and paper, because that let's me draw and even doodle a little which makes the planning and brainstorming stage a lot more fun, but when it comes down to it, I'll type up. Sometimes I think faster than i write so typing will prevent that from happening.

    1. You're laughing? And I didn't even include a picture of my finger in a sling ... just joking!

  3. Not laughing, smiling in amusement yes, but not laughing..I totally get about handwriting though. Mine is bad. I can start OK then it deteriorates with each page. I think I like the *idea* of writing by hand better than actually doing it. You too, I'm guessing :)

    Hope that finger heals!

  4. oh, I'm such a nostalgic. I'm handwriting whenever possible. I already have to use the computer for nearly everything, so I actually feel like having a special treat when I can "afford" to use paper and pen.