June 18, 2012

A Writer's Life - My life as a genre

Do you sometimes feel as if your life were a mixture of the Shopaholic series and one of Stephen King's early novels? Or maybe it's more like a cozy mystery, hopefully minus the dead bodies turning up around every corner? Welcome to the world of genres coming to life in your own backyard!

Readers. Don't we all love to read novels which feel like home? Books that make us wish we were part of them? Far away places becoming wonderfully familar and characters developing into our best friends? Depending on the kind of books you like to read, and especially if you're prone to delve into the realms of speculative fiction, these book worlds will usually not have all that much in common with your real life. Or maybe I just missed the news flash about a Zombie Apocalypse already taking place?

Writers. Don't we love to dip into various genres - to explore them, have fun with them, and make them come alive if only in our minds and on paper? We breath the breaths of our characters and yes, part of us is really living in the worlds we create. Does this mean we actually want to stay there long term? Buy a house and get cozy with the neighbors? Depending on the genre the answer could go either way. Which kinda brings me back to the Zombie Apocalypse and our neighbors lusting after our flesh, but not in a sexy way.

Imagine what it would be like to actually live in your preferred genre(s)! Sounds delightful? Or scary?

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As you know I love science fiction, so a nice alien setting, with a touch of Space Opera, and going where no (wo)man has gone before sounds really tempting. Yet with everything that can (and probably will) go wrong in Outer Space, maybe exploring a far away planet is more like it. To be on terra firma sounds more like it. But only if they have indoor plumbing. I'm not really an outdoorsy kind of gal, you know.

But seriously, what sounds good on paper doesn't have to feel great in real life. Just think historical romance! Sounds awfully sexy now doesn't it. Then you remember what life in Victorian times was actually like and the idea of having to go to a dentist back in the days makes you shudder (and rightly so). And that's not even factoring in that they weren't exactly advanced as far as women's rights are concerned either.

Decisions, decisions.

If you were to describe your life by a genre, which would it be? And to take this thought a step further - if you were to write the story of your next life which setting/genre would you pick? I'm awfully curious about your answers, so don't be shy and comment away.


  1. i am so amazed by the books written by Japanese writers that I would love to set the story of my life in one of Murakami's books... The stories are always so interesting and unexpected.

  2. oOh Tough call. Great question, though and loved the post.

    Not sure what I'd be...my inner history geek is claming to be my past life, but what about a future one? Maybe a kind of parallel earth inhabiant in a scifi type book. Yeah, I like that. :)