July 18, 2012

Bookish Etsy - Novel Creations

Let's welcome a very creative lady - Karen from Novel Creations! Karen combines two of my loves in her shop, the love of books and the love of handbags! What can I say? Reading isn't my only passion. And to carry a book with me where ever I go? Perfect! Roomy enough to throw in keys and wallet, plus my new Kindle *wink*.

And there are as many different purses possible as books are out there, but see for yourself ...

For the blood thirsty!

For wannabe wizards!

For the lovers of modern American literature!

For the young at heart!

For the faithfully devoted!

And now time for a short Q&A with Karen!

What gave you the idea to create purses from books?
Working for a used book store, I would bring home the books they wanted to throw away. I just could not see them taking a dive in the dumpster. I collect books like the crazy woman that collects cats!
With an attic full of books, I realized I could make into a purse. After a lot of trial and error, I figured it out and this has been a fun-filled adventure learning how to make these purses better and better each time I make them!

I can only imagine how hard it is to design these purses. I wonder, how long does it take to create one?
When making a purse, it takes me about 2 hours for the selection process. However, if I have everything I need for assembly, then it takes me about an hour per purse. I am a perfectionist so I am assembling with great care as I know once my customer receives her purse, she will be looking at it intently. So, it has to be perfect! 

And how do you price the book purses? Buying and re-using hardcover books can't be cheap, right?
Also, when I priced my product, I took into consideration the economy and I take advantage of bulk purchasing for my supplies. This allows me to offer the best price possible to my customer. I offer a fair price for a great quality product that doesn't break your pocketbook!

Are there any favorite books which you've transformed from book to purse?
All of the books are my favorite! I love custom orders because then I get to read a new book!!

What would you like to say to new customers/potential buyers?
A book purse makes a unique gift for that special person that has everything! I just betcha they don't have a book purse!

Thanks so much for being my guest today, Karen! Your creations certainly make the hearts of us book obsessed girls beat faster ... I mean, hey ... book purse!!

How do you like this unique idea of the book purse? Found any favorites in Karen's shop? Which book would you like to see being made into a purse? Please share!

For everyone who wants to own their own bookish purse Karen is now offering 15%-OFF your next purchase in her shop - just use the coupon code GARDEN. This code is valid until further notice!

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  1. I love the concept of book purses and I think it is especially wonderfull, when the purse is neatly designed and the book means something to the wearer, so thanks for the post :3