July 17, 2012

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop Winner

Remember me asking what you thought I'd be giving away in this giveaway hop? For some very odd reason most were thinking along the lines of bookmarks. Come on, I'm not that much of a Scrooge that I'd only gift a lousy bookmark. Then of course where those who took a guess at a Kindle. Haha, optimists. Gotta love them. But nope. I'm too broke for that.

Yet quite a few were thinking in the right direction after all ... book swag. Of course a lot of things can be considered book swag, and while some mentioned stuff like a mug or even a tea towel with a bookish text on it, in the end no one guessed exactly what the prize is.

Alright, time to reveal the big secret *drum roll please* because the winner will have a choice from one of these. Neat, huh?

The lucky winner of the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop is
Rabid Fox @ Wag the Fox

E-mail is on the way and please get back to me within the next 48 hours!

1 comment:

  1. ^^ it wasn't easy too guess and i don't know i thought it has too be related to christmas too^^

    Great prize
    Congrats Rabid Fox