July 1, 2012

Dean Koontz Reading Challenge

Well, what do you say? The first six months of the year are over which leaves me to hope that you've at least read the first half of books for your chosen level. I for one have done this, in fact, I already read five books and have only one more to go. To those who are actually following these posts (I know I know, it is a rather small group of souls that signed up for this challenge) you probably remember which one it'll be ... 77 Shadow Street. Unfortunately I've risked a glance at reviews for the novel and it seems to be a bit of a mixed bag *frowns* but who am I not to try myself on another book of one of my fav authors?

And ohhh ... I saw that there will be a fifth book in the Odd Thomas series, named Odd Apocalypse. Hopefully the title doesn't augur the reading experience, but we shall see (once the paperback is out).

This definitely qualifies for a shorty-short blog post, but this hopefully won't keep you from telling me which and how many books you've read so far! And if anyone has actually read 77 Shadow Street please share how you liked it! 

1 comment:

  1. I've read Life Expectancy and The Watchers so far. I loved them both! I wanted to tackle Odd Thomas now, but I'm still waiting for the book to arrive.