July 15, 2012

The Postman Files - Let's get dressed!

After my new Kindle arrived about a week ago I realized that it had nothing to wear. We couldn't have that or could we? So I browsed around a little (ok, for hours on end) on Etsy to find the perfect case for it. I'm not the fastest with some decisions *sigh* though I'd like to blame this partly on the fact that a lot of shops use the most hideous fabrics/materials (alright, I'm a bit of a minimalist with some things), but then finally I found what I had been looking for at nimoo a shop specializing in cases for everything from eReaders to iPods. Great quality and fast shipping, so if you need some clothes for your eReader too I can only recommend this shop!

77 Shadow Street (Dean Koontz)
The Silent Girl (Tess Gerritsen)
Snuff (Terry Pratchett)
Rescue Me (Rachel Gibson)
Clutches and Curses (Dorothy Howell)
50% Off Murder (Josie Belle)

Bought for Kindle
Agatha Raisin And The Perfect Paragon (M.C. Beaton)
The Mournful Teddy (John J. Lamb)

And now, which books too choose for next week's trip to the spa? Decisions decisions ...


  1. Haha thought you were going to talk about meeting the postman in a state of undress! My Kindle has a skin on it to stop it looking boring grey but I just chuck it in my bag willynilly. It's survived so far.

    1. Ha, I wouldn't want to scare the poor fellow away ... especially if he makes a run for it without giving me my books first!

  2. You will show us the dress once it has arrived. I will check out that shop for my iPhone. Unfortunately most shops have no dress for MY e-reader anymore as it is such an old model.

    Did you buy another Agatha Raisin book? Don't tell me you are going on an M. C. Beaton trip! But those cute girly covers are irresistible. Then AGAIN, for Kindle it doesn't matter.

    1. The dress has already arrived and my Kindle is already wearing it too. You can see it in the photo above, to the left (the button should be a dead giveaway). And you know, many Etsy shops offer custom made cases too.

      And what can I say? Kindle Daily Deals are sometimes too good to pass them by. It's pretty funny though that they had three M.C. Beaton books in the past two weeks as Daily Deals.

      And will you ever stop teasing me about my Kindle? Guess not. Right now I'm totally smitten with it (this will probably last until it suddenly freezes and dies, ha) and it's in many ways a whole lot better than my old eReader from Aluratek which is smaller, slower and doesn't have a touchscreen (which is really neat). Of course I've still got tons of unread books on the old reader, so I will turn it on again eventually.

  3. Ironically, my mom-in-law just cleared out her bookshelves and she had tons of M.C.Beaton which we promptly gave away to the charity shops :) Nice to see you going on a shopping spree after a WHOLE YEAR of bookish celibacy ;)

    1. Actually it was only six months, but it did feel like a whole year alright.

  4. Lovely cover and surprised that it wasn't that expensive! I got lucky and found one at Target for $10 on clearance ..boring looking though. Perhaps I can copy-cat and attempt to sew one of these! ;) --Ooh, you have The Silent Girl ..got to read that some day. The rest looks great too. Hard choice.

    Here's my book loot.