July 8, 2012

The Postman Files - The stork has landed ...

... and brought me a wee Kindle!

The postman wasn't ignoring me either and, the fourth month in a row, again brought me a book I've won on one particular website. Somehow I'm starting to wonder whether there's something wrong with their let's-pick-a-winner-system (not that I'm complaining) or whether they have actually huge stacks of books to give away and not just for one person. The website's information in that regard is inconclusive. Needless to say, I entered for this month's contest as well. After all I need to test my theory, right?

Gemischter Satz (Sabine Naber)

And what's a new Kindle-Mom to do? Why, buy her lil' laddie something to feast on!

I already know those Kindle Daily Deals are going to be my downfall, oh well. Thing is there were some series I've wanted to read before and for a mere 99 cents I couldn't possibly pass by that chance, could I?

Bought for Kindle


  1. Nice kindle, I got one fairly recently.

  2. Super jealous of your kindle, Birgit! I'm resisting so far because if I buy one, I'll be reading on it at work and I can pretty much kiss my paperbacks goodbye because that's the only place where I read them ;) Enjoy all your books!

  3. What an awesome postman! Enjoy!!

  4. OMG, when I read the stork has come I thought it had brought you a "Kindl" and it has! Hilarious!