July 1, 2012

The Postman Files - Under a full moon

Alright, no full moon today, so I don't really have an excuse, have I? Yet here we are with my very first ABBB (after book buying ban) purchase. And yes, I know, I posted about the first couple books I would (and in fact already did) order only yesterday. So what happened?

In short, the new book by SM Reine happened. I already read the first two books in the Seasons of the Moon series, and I've been biting nails (not mine though) ever since the third came out earlier this year, because of ... the BBB (book buying ban) of course. And well, then her fourth came out this week.

You probably already have an inkling how that story ended, right? No!? Then let me fill you in. The first three were free on Kindle so I did what every bookaholic under a hypothetical full moon would do. I downloaded them. All for a device I don't actually own but, and that's the point, soon will because I just ordered myself a Kindle Touch. It should be with me sometime next week and to provide it with some food I figured I could just download the whole series.

Am I even remotely making sense? Blame it on the heat if I don't.

Free on Kindle
Six Moon Summer (SM Reine)
All Hallow's Moon (SM Reine)
Long Night Moon (SM Reine)

Bought for Kindle
Gray Moon Rising (SM Reine)

And while I was at it *cough* ...
Now don't look at me like that!
Sara and Shaun are my two fav indie authors!!

Bought for Kindle
Dark Seduction (Shaun Jeffrey)
The Mutilation Machination (Shaun Jeffrey)
Dead World (Shaun Jeffrey)
Voyeurs Of Death (Shaun Jeffrey)

Ya know, in hindsight, the plan of only buying twelve books a month was just a real bad idea. Maybe I should amend that rule. Let's say only twelve physical books. And eBooks don't really count anyway, I mean it's not as though they would take up any space, right?

And all that's been gained through six months of not buying any books goes down the drain in only a day *sigh*. What can I say? I'm weak ...


  1. We all are :))) I actually buy the books in advance :)))

    1. Now I know how alcoholics feel when they drink just a drop of wine after having been sober for years ... then again, books are a good thing to be addicted to!

  2. Free ebooks certainly don't count at all. And I bought a pile of cheap ones this week that I don't even know if I'll read...nope they don't count!