July 8, 2012

The Reading Files - A fresh new look

Contemplating those little (and big) things that might need an overhaul on my blog, I decided that the previous look of The Reading Files was just a bit too ... stuffy. So I freshened the whole thing up a bit. Basically like a new haircut. But see for yourself.

The Art Of Procrastination (John Perry)

Thoughts. I knew it. We (that would be procrastinators) actually do something. We're not just lazy bums. Granted, usually we do things to avoid getting more pressing stuff done. Then again, nobody's perfect. Or are we? Apparently perfectionism leads to procrastination. Sounds right to me.

Conversation starter. Akrasia. People choosing to do other than what they think is best for them.

Verdict. Self-deprecating and fun, spiced with only a pinch of self-help!

Grammar Girl's 101 Troublesome Words You'll Master In No Time (Mignon Fogarty)

Thoughts. We've established when to use their, there and they're. Other words are wee bit more tricky. By the looks of it I've been using momentarily wrong all these years. The dos and don'ts of getting your words right ... no, wait ... the do's and don't's ... oh, never mind.

In the know. Some adjectives are absolute terms and can't be more than what they already are. You can't be deader than dead.

Verdict. Smart and instructive style guide not just for the grammar-impaired!

An Economist Gets Lunch (Tyler Cowen)

Thoughts. Food food food. Everything I never needed to know about where (not) to eat what kind of food. Supermarket. Barbecue. Hunger. Mexican Food. Genetically modified ingredients. What the hell is this book trying to be (or say)!?

Quotable. Sometimes the easiest way to trade water is inside a tomato. (ARC p.157)

Verdict. Long-winded, cliched view on food stuff!

The Knockoff Economy (Kai Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman)

Thoughts. Ah, the wide world of patents, trademarks and copyright. Fashion? Sure heard about that one a hundred times before. Cuisine, comedy, football and fonts? Now there's a whole new dimension!

Things to ponder. A painting of a molten chocolate cake is protected by copyright, yet the molten cake itself (aka the recipe) can not be protected. Sucks being a pastry chef.

Verdict. Absorbing and insightful trip into the world of Intellectual Property!

Dead Man's Eye (Shaun Jeffrey)

Thoughts. When you receive a new cornea and start seeing strange things you should either see your doctor or an exorcist. Just the creepy crawly kinda read one would expect from Shaun.

Snippet. "What are you doing?", Stephen asked.
"It's holy water. It seems to keep them back. Now hold still."
Before Stephen could argue she tipped the water over him. Stephen cried out in shock.
"I'm not here to be bloody baptized.", he squealed.
(p. 79)

Verdict. Enjoyable yet not overly original horror novella!

Dark Seduction (Shaun Jeffrey)

Thoughts. From now on I shall be very careful not to jump over my own shadow. Not as though I've ever tried. Lesson learned? Don't bet the farm, much less your life. Or maybe quit playing altogether.

First line. One good win. That's all he needed.

Verdict. Dark and suspenseful spine-tingler with potential for a sequel!

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  1. Sometimes you just need a new haircut. :) I like the new look.