July 15, 2012

The Reading Files - Oh my Kindle!

I've been glued to my Kindle this week. And who can blame me? I like playing with new and shiny things ... and yes, books are better than diamond rings! Did I just use a rhyme? On purpose? Oh well.

 Dead World (Shaun Jeffrey)

Thoughts. Zombies, yay! No wait! Gods, yay! Welcome to a world where winning the lottery means you become, err, immortal. Not. Zombies? Yes. Different? You bet.

Last line. Isaiah opened the book and started to read. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

Verdict. Fast paced zombie novella with a twist!

The Mutilation Machination (Shaun Jeffrey)

Thoughts. Now there's a creepy cover if I ever saw one and it goes wonderfully well with the stories featured. Yet I will not claim of really (or at least remotely) getting what the title giving story is about. Don't I hate when that happens?

Random quote. Just you remember, child. When things seem uncertain the answer lies at hand. (from In Darkness)

Verdict. Neat collection of eerily weird short stories!

Voyeurs Of Death (Shaun Jeffrey)

Thoughts. I didn't care much for the first story but after that ... what a ride! You've got some scarily twisted tales here that's for sure. It obviously paid off that Shaun was brought up in a house in a cemetery. Just sayin'.

Last lines. Footsteps echoed outside the door and then stopped. Then the handle started to turn. I heard voices, my father and brother. I would never make Jake laugh again. Soon, everyone would be dark inside. (from Dark Inside)

Verdict. A real treat for the horrible minded!

Long Night Moon (SM Reine)

Thoughts. Turns out this isn't the last book in a trilogy but instead the third one in a quadrilogy. And you know what? It doesn't serve a filler purpose between novels at all. Great story line that kept me guessing right until the end!

Random quote. Rylie would have given it all away to cure her aunt. You could try biting her ... She pushed the thought back. It was way to dark for Christmas morning. (p. 134)

Verdict. A powerfully written wolfish who-dunnit!

Gray Moon Rising (SM Reine)

Thoughts. Once again Sara does not disappoint, well except for the fact that this is the end of the Season of the Moon series, boohoo! And while I found the conclusion intriguing, the end did feel a bit rushed. Shame, really.

Last words spoken. We still have all summer.

Verdict. A worthy finale to an awesome series!

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