July 1, 2012

Tea & Books Reading Challenge

Any idea what today is? Alright, July 1st is a pretty good answer. Sunday would be right too. But think harder ... it is half time, folks!

So, six months have passed and I sure hope you're not only well on your way in this challenge but even more so that you've managed to read at least half the amount of books for thew level you've signed up for. Now I expect you all to nod in agreement towards the computer screen. Wait a minute ... did some of you just scamper off!?

Seriously, I thought you'd make yourselves and your dedicated tea host (that'd be me) proud by announcing how far you've already come and how you definitely wanted to upgrade and ... oh, alright, tough challenge, I know. Still, even if you haven't touched any book yet, the next six months should give you plenty of time to catch up. How's the saying go? Life is short, read fast? Let's rephrase this. Life is even shorter with fat and heavy tomes, so read as if your life depended on it. You get the idea.

How 'bout myself?
Not too shabby, I'd say. I've read the fourth book for the challenge this month, which means I still need to read two more tomes, though right now I'm not sure which ones I'll pick. Not running out of chunksters it seems and you know what this means? Upgrade? Yeah, maybe. Another edition of this challenge next year? Now we're talking!

Anyway, feel free to share the progress you've made, but before you do I want to get back to that carrot I mentioned last time. There will be a nice little (or not so little, who knows) giveaway at the end of the challenge. Now if this doesn't motivate you to sink your teeth into those fat books blocking the doorway!

I'll grant you five minutes to write your comment then it's off to reading your tomes *shoo shoo*.


  1. Unfortunately, I did not finish the first tome of 1Q84 by Murakami, but I plan on doing so this month... Then, two more to go. Geez, I had no idea this challenge was going to be hard! :))

    1. Why do you think it's called a challenge, Ally? Besides, you've still got six months ahead of you and I'm sure you'll make it.

  2. Finished 7 of 8 officially bumping me up the level. Looking forward to my last read when I do get to it. Hopefully you'll upgrade too. ;)

  3. One down, (at least) one to go! Here is my review: http://www.rikkidonovan.com/index.php/2012/07/03/the-first-man-in-rome-by-colleen-mccullough/

  4. Finished my second brick... woowoo! It was good... but it took me so long to read I got bored after trawling through 853 pages of it.