July 29, 2012

The Reading Files - Slump

Bad enough that I am just not in the mood for review writing, when it comes to reading my speed has more of a sluggish river than the usual raging current. Let's blame the heat. Or maybe there's something in the air? I've seen other bloggers going through the exact same thing, so at least I have the comfort of not being alone with this.

The Mournful Teddy (John J. Lamb)

Thoughts. Teddies and dead bodies, oh my. Cozy? Check. Mystery? Check. And extra points for plush, obviously. Maybe a bit foreseeable, but with just the right chemistry between characters ... the human ones, not the plush ones.

Random quote. I'm the guy that shoves polyester foam into the bears and hopes to someday graduate to pouring beans into their bottoms. (p. 48)

Verdict. Wholesome cozy mystery for teddy bear lovers!

The Power Of Habit (Charles Duhigg)

Thoughts. Cue. Routine. Reward. Cue. Routine. Reward. Cue. Rout ..You get the idea. Fascinating read though it started to get redundant after the first few chapters. If I were mean I'd say just read the Appendix and you get the gist of the whole book.

Things to ponder. A habit cannot be eradicated, it must instead be replaced.

Verdict. Interesting yet repetitive study on habits and how to change them!

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