July 20, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Let's talk about favorites!

Many, such as Sandra C., asked, "What is your favorite genre?" and Judith R. delves even deeper by inquiring, "What's you favorite non fiction subject?"

Now, I am not exactly specializing on just one or two non fiction genres when it comes to choosing books for review (or reading in general, for that matter), instead I'm picking books almost haphazardly from the wide field of non fiction. So it may come as no big surprise that I'm honestly not able to name a particular genre that I love the most.

Yet I can let you in on a little secret, a topic that has such an obvious appeal to me that I recently created a list on Goodreads for it. Well, I would have added my choice of books to an already existing list, but shockingly enough, none had existed so far. The topic can't simply be pressed into just one single genre though, so I've read books that qualify as memoir as well as books on economy, all dealing with said topic.
Anyone want to know which topic that might be?
Yes, shopping.
Stop laughing.
I'm serious.
For the curious, you may find the list here.

Of course this isn't the only topic I love to read about, but seeing the length of my list of books dealing with anything related to shopping (and those are just the books I read in the last two years), it's safe to say I'm sort of a bookish Becky Bloomwood *cough*.

And you know why I particularly love Judith's question? See, when it comes to non fiction, it's not necessarily the genre itself, but a specific field of interest, which will make you pick up certain books. And, as will be something that I definitely plan to further discuss in this feature, it all starts with one single question - what interests you? As far as non fiction book recommendations go, that's the starting point for your future adventures in the dark and mysterious library and/or book shop aisles filled with non fiction a plenty.

So, don't be intimidated by a genre label that sounds awfully boring and dry to you, instead focus on subjects that fascinate you. Think about a topic you've always found intriguing, something you've always wanted to know more about. 


How about yourself? Which non fiction genres tickle your fancy? Any preferred topics you love to read about? Please share!

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  1. I am interested in reading biographies. As for a favorite subject, I used to read a lot of books on death and happiness :)