July 13, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Oh to review!

Amy S. wants to know, "How do you decide which non fiction books to review?" and Mary P. asks, "What kinds of non fiction did you have in mind for your blog - they vary considerably?"

With so many different sub genres, picking books for review is just as challenging when it comes to non fiction as it is for fiction. There are bloggers who will settle for specific genres, say, anything paranormal or maybe romance, then there are those who will pick from a wider range of available genres. What they all have in common - and this is a trait I obviously share - is that everyone will gravitate towards those genres that they enjoy reading the most. After all, why read something that doesn't interest you?

Ultimately, it works like this - a book cover and title catch my attention and the blurb gets me hooked! Time to request a review copy! This strategy works for any book, not just non fiction, obviously.

It's true, non fiction comes in all shapes and sizes, as does fiction. I bet most of you were rather surprised about the long list of sub genres in the survey, and I'm sure this list is all but complete. As much as I have a soft spot for certain fiction genres, such as science fiction and cozy mysteries, the same can be said about non fiction too. And this is basically how I pick books to review on my blog.

My preferred genres are shockingly diverse, so I'm obviously covered in soft spots, come to think of it. From business to lifestyle, from science to travel, there are hardly any genres which I wouldn't want to read. No wait, that's not quite true. Risking a look on my list again I must confess that anything that's got to do with sports and  technology is not likely to ever end up on my reading list. Again, no sense in reading something that doesn't interest me.

In short, I'd say if I wouldn't want to read it just for fun, I wouldn't read it solely for review purposes either. And all of you casting me doubtful looks ... yes, non fiction can be fun too.


Now it's your turn! Regardless of whether you are a blogger and review them, or just a reader who likes to read them - what are your preferred non fiction genres? Comment away!


  1. My favorite non-fiction genre is history. Sometimes I like biographies and occasionally books related to sports.

  2. My favorite non-fiction genres are science, especially biology-related, and history. Like you, I don't read anything related to sports.