July 27, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Recommended Reads #1

So they say that non fiction is dry and boring. I say sometimes a novel can also bore you out of your mind. Equally many feel that non fiction reminds them too much of books they had to read for school or college. I have certainly felt the same way about some of the books I had to read back in the good old days.

Thing is, and please listen closely now, it doesn't matter whether there is a non before the fiction or not, you will always find books that beg to be thrown into a corner after suffering through the first few pages, and then there are those you can't put down, because they grab your attention from the start.

Today, and in more posts to come, I want to share non fiction books with you which I think might make your mouth water for everything that isn't fiction. I can't promise that you'll like them all, tastes obviously vary between all readers, but maybe I will give you an idea or two about books you haven't considered reading up until now.

What best to start these recommended reads with then something that spans many non fiction genres. Now what could that possibly be? Humor. Yes, humor. And there you were thinking non fiction won't make you smile much less laugh.

Uncle John's Bathroom Readers are a series of books filled with trivia and short essays on various topics. With Uncle John's 24-Karat Gold Bathroom Reader the Classic Edition has published its 24th volume in 2011. Other volumes are dedicated to a single topic have been released under the title Uncle John Plunges Into ... history, national parks, or Ohio *waves hello to Amy*. Uncle John Presents offers everything you ever wanted to know about the weather, numbers, quotes, mothers, cat lovers. And let's not forget Bathroom Readers for Kids Only!.
For a full list on all the books you might want to check out the Bathroom Reader's Institute page on Goodreads!

Due to the nature of the books, and the book title is already a dead giveaway, they make for perfect reading material in the bathroom. As we all know, a trip to the bathroom may sometimes be short. Then, uhm, it takes a little longer, which is why you usually have short, medium and long articles. Obviously you may just as well read these books on the couch or on the bus, but that is entirely up to you.

Here are some examples from each category for the curious among you:
Short - Medium - Long

Oh, and don't forget to read the so called Running Feet, the short factoids at the bottom of each page. I guess those are for everyone who's super fast in the bath, ha. By the way, you may follow these factoids on Twitter too.

Not yet convinced? Head over tho the Bathroom Reader Institute's website and check out their daily posts to get an idea whether you might like the books or not.

Who do I recommend these books to?
Everyone who's interested in facts that are also fun.


Have you heard or even read Uncle John's Bathroom Reader? If so, do you like these books? If not, do you think they might be something to try out? Let me know!

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