August 22, 2012

Bookish Etsy Giveaway Winner

Let's start off with a big thank you to Erin for sponsoring last week's Bookish Etsy Giveaway which, not all that surprisingly, has been really popular with you all. Of course the more entries, the smaller the chance that your entry will get picked, right? And there can only be one winner, a very happy one at that!

Of course if it shouldn't be your name announced below, please remember that you've still got until August 24th to receive 25%-Off your purchase by using coupon code BOOKGARDEN25!

The lucky winner of the Bookish Etsy Giveaway is
who has won a necklace of choice from Bookish Charm!

E-mail is on the way and please get back to me within the next 48 hours!

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