August 29, 2012

Bookish Etsy - Lead me into temptation ...

Apart from those Etsy shops which specialize in all kinds of creative bookish goodness, there are those which offer a broader variety of handmade items that can also inspire the book lover in all of us to fill up that cart.

Here are just a few lovely things I'd buy in a heartbeat ...

from Storiarts

Copyright of all pictures belongs to the respective shop owners.


  1. Great shops, I can spend many hours on Etsy. The scarf is amazing,

  2. Want...! Etsy is just a treasure trove of beautiful things. I hadn't looked for bookish things before, but now I will ;)

  3. I love etsy, between that and pinterest I dont get anything done!! now I need to save money to either purchase or recreate my desires. thanks for sharing