August 22, 2012

Bookish Etsy - Lettershop

There are writers and there are stylish writers. Now you might argue that there's no need to look like Jackie O. when finally emerging from behind your desk to go grocery shopping. Let this picture sink in for a moment. Now what would be more fitting for the trendy writer than something that connects them with their passion? Can you say gorgeous typewriter accessories and jewelry?

That's my cue to introduce you to Karla's Lettershop which is the place to go to look the part ...

And now a round of applause for the creator of these pretties!

My name is Karla Vandebeek and I’m the owner of the Lettershop on etsy. As a child I was always creating little books for my friends. I was also an avid reader – reading 10 books a week was not unusual for me.

At the same time I cannot remember a time when I wasn't creative - it is a bit like breathing to me - although breathing is more important, i admit :). So given my huge love for books and all that surrounds it (i wanted to be a writer when i grew up), it's no wonder that the Lettershop was born.

The idea of using parts of antique typewriters that are usually just tucked away into a corner on a stuffy addic, was very appealing to me. Every jewelry piece made of such a typewriter key has it’s own story already within it. We don’t know what it is – was the typewriter used during the war to type important notes on? Have loveletters been written on it? Or was it used by a true ‘mad men’ (the tv series) secretary to do her office job on?

I embrace the fact that you carry a little piece of history with you at all times and at the same time add your own story to it as well ...

Thanks so much for being my guest today, Karla! The thought about the history of those typewriters really put me into a dreamy mood. If your creations don't make the heart of any writer beat faster, honestly I don't know what else would!

Now it's time to do a little stalking. How do you like these unique ideas of using typewriter keys? Fashionable, wouldn't you agree? Found any favorites in the shop? Please share!

(the place to find more info about her business and about the promotions/new items)

For everyone who wants to own their own piece of typewriter jewelry/accessory Karla is now offering 10%-OFF your next purchase in her shop - just use the coupon code THEBOOKGARDEN. This code is valid through September 15th!


  1. Hi Birgit, thanks so much for the feature - i'm very happy about how your blogpost turned out. You have a fun writing style. Cheers, karla

  2. I totally love everything! Especially the ring :)