August 8, 2012

Bookish Etsy - The Magic Closet

Some of you might remember them. If you're old enough that is. Me, I actually used one of them way back, long before I owned a computer. What could I possibly be referring to? The good ol' typewriter of course. And seeing how there's not much need for them anymore these days, I was thrilled to see what magic today's guest, Gail from The Magic Closet, worked on antique typewriters by transforming the keys into lovely jewelry.

I began creating jewelry for myself. As a woman who loves jewelry I had ideas of things that I would love to wear. I started with beading and before I knew it I had more jewelry than I could wear myself and began giving my handcrafted jewelry to family and friends as gifts.

While shopping at a local thrift shop I found some very beautiful pieces of antique silver plate spoons. I knew that I could do something fun and creative with them, so I purchased them and made wind chimes out of them. I started researching the silver plated spoons to try to find the names of the patterns. I saw how popular many of the patterns were. Together with my husband we started to cut the spoons and began creating spoon earrings and pendant necklaces. I listed my spoon jewelry on a popular auction website and began selling them quickly. A very nice gal that I sold spoon jewelry to suggested that I check out as she thought that my spoon jewelry would sell well on that website. Shortly after I opened my shop The Magic Closet.

While out shopping at garage sales, I came upon an antique typewriter for a very reasonable price. I knew that I needed to have it but was unsure what I would do with it. I just keep thinking of the history behind the old typewriter and wondered who’s fingers may have crossed the key board. What were they writing and for whom? Before I knew it the typewriter began collecting more dust in the garage and my husband said either do something with this thing or out it goes. The typewriter was very dirty and did not work. So we cut off the keys and discarded the rest of the machine. Soon the idea came that this too could become jewelry. It would be a great way to keep the history of the vintage typewriters while at the same time recycling or upcycling the keys. 

I began with a typewriter key bracelet for myself and soon decided that this is something that I would like to share with others. I then branched out to typewriter key earrings, pendant necklaces and more. As I still enjoy beading I often add Swarovski Crystals to many of my typewriter key earrings and pendants. I then expanded my ETSY shop to include typewriter key jewelry as well as my spoon jewelry.

Thanks so much for being my guest today and sharing the magic behind your closet, Gail!

Now tell me, how do you like Gail's idea? Any favorites in her shop? Feel free to share!

For everyone who wants to own their own magic typewriter jewelry Gail is now offering 10%-OFF your next purchase in her shop - just use the coupon code garden10. This code is valid until September 15th!


  1. Oh I love these *runs off to look*

  2. Wow, I LOVE these! I am definitely going to buy one :)