August 1, 2012

Bookish Etsy - Mini Books Jewelry

Who doesn't want to carry a book with them at all times? Maybe even your favorite book(s)? Obviously this will result in highly trained arm muscles, because as we all know books can be rather heavy. This is where Abby from Mini Books Jewelry comes in! Now you may carry your book of choice (yep, custom orders are always welcome) around where ever you go and show the world your inner bookworm! Admittedly the small format would make reading a bit difficult, but hey, we're talking about showing your love for anyone, such as Harry, to anything, such as the color grey.

It's time to feast your eyes on some of the lovely mini book pieces Abby's got on offer ...

Now let's listen to what Abby's got to say about her shop and how she got the idea to create her mini book jewelry!

My name is Abby and I created Mini Books in the Sunmer of 2011. I started out making them for myself because I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter series. Eventually, after my friends and family raved over them, I decided to share them with the rest of the world. Mini Books Jewelry kicked off in January 2012 and I'm very pleased with all of the positive feedback I've gotten. I've made books of all different genres and still make the ones that began my whole business: Harry Potter. I've always been a huge reader and when I came across miniature books for doll houses I needed some of my own! Being a university student, I had no use for doll house miniatures so I consulted with my creative side and decided to don the books on bracelets and other pieces of jewelry. One of the best perks of making mini books for others, is being introduced to so many different titles. One of the features of Mini Books Jewelry is the opportunity to have custom books made that I don't already have. Having this feature has kept me in touch with all the popular series and emerging favorites. I owe the discovery of several of my favorite novels to the people requesting them. All in all, my wee business has benefited me in many ways. It helps pay for my real, university text books and lets me discover new worlds, characters and their stories.

Thanks so much for visiting today and it goes without saying, I love how you discover new favorites for yourself with every custom order!

Feel like stalking Abby a bit? Check out the links below. And while you're at it, don't forget to show her shop some love and maybe let me know which book you'd like to see made into a mini version for a bracelet?


  1. oh my, this is simply wonderful! I'm already thinking about a few of my favorite from JW... Thanks for sharing this, now off to her site :)

  2. I asked Abby a question, I am wondering if she got it...

    1. I'm sure she did! The feature coincides with her vacation, so it might take until tonight for her to get back to you with being in a different time zone and all. So, no worries!

  3. What a super cute idea. Carry your fav book as a pendant around your neck. Love it!

  4. I really like these. Now I have ideas for some birthdays coming up. Thank you!

  5. Hi Birgit! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :-D. More details on my post