August 18, 2012

Pajama Musings - Who wants some souvenirs?

I guess the blog post title already gives you the general idea of what this post will be about. Of course, as an experienced traveler I have a pretty good hand in picking small gifts and trinkets when I'm abroad and, so far, no one's ever complained about what I brought them from my vacations. Not openly, anyway.

Long story short, as some of you already know by now, I will be going to Orlando in September. Two weeks of fun in the sun (thankfully with lots of AC in between), chasing mice and ducks (for photo opportunities at the parks, just in case you think I'm having a weird penchant for vermin and poultry), and meeting up with my friend Amy (I can barely contain my excitement, wahhhhh). And quite obviously, hitting some Outlet Malls. After all, where's the fun in traveling when you don't boost the local economy?

Being pretty sure that a lot of you would love to visit Disney World and other Orlando attractions too, I figured why not bring you a bit of that vacation feeling back from my journey? I'm talking, and you will have already guessed, about bringing some souvenirs along. Yes, this is a book blog, but I doubt anyone will file a complaint in case I spoil one of you with some lovely little keepsakes with mouse ears.

I'm thinking ... giveaway!

Who's with me? 

*cheering applause*

Thought so. 

So, before you all do a little premature happy dance (which is fine, of course) hold the thought ... S-O-U-V-E-N-I-R-S.

I do have a few ideas about what to bring along already, but I'd love to get some input from you as well. The giveaway will be Europe only, because of ... well, costs for postage for one, and the obvious fact that someone in the US winning something I bought in the US doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I realize this leaves out everyone in Asia or Australia, but like I said, postage is a huge factor here.

So, the plan is to bring stuff with me which isn't easily available in Europe. There will definitely be stuff from two places in the box - Disney World and Universal Studios. I'm thinking along the lines of maybe a plush Goofy and a Betty Boop coin purse. Now don't turn away in disgust, it could just as well be a Mickey Mouse and a Harry Potter magic towel. Anyway, here's where your input will come in handy. Yep, I even created a form for you to fill out! I haven't been kidding when I asked for your advice.

You may also comment, though the questions in the form are a bit more specific. Thanks so much in advance for giving me some ideas on how to fill that souvenir box!


  1. I am all for souvenirs! In fact, my home is full with them, from everywhere I have been :) I love the big porcelain globe with Turkish models which I bought from Istanbul last year and fear I would break before getting home... and the painting of Sacre Coeur I bought two years ago in Paris... I could go on and on :)) Fantastic idea, Birgit!

  2. great idea yes thank you a lot

  3. Darn! I won't be eligible for the giveaway. :( Oh wait- maybe for a souvenir, I'll just have to settle for a picture of you & I with the duck!!!

  4. What a lovely generous idea! May you travel and return safely - and have huge amounts of fun, mice and ducks in between!