August 12, 2012

The Postman Files - Ban? What ban?

I guess by now we've established that my book buying ban was a nice endeavor yet (almost) all in vain. What shall I say? Nothing. After all everything that I may say can be held against me.

Mörderische Gier (Ernst Hinterberger)
from Club

Murder Is Binding (Lorna Barrett)
Chapter & Hearse (Lorna Barrett)
A Crafty Killing (Lorraine Bartlett
The Jasmine Moon Murder (Laura Childs)

For Review
America's Haunted Universities (Matthew L. Swayne)
Mankind Beyond Earth (Claude A. Piantadosi)
Drinking History (Andrew F. Smith)
from NetGalley


  1. I guess I have mentioned that happens with me as well, and I am not struggling to stick to not more than 5 books a month, but when you get 50% off of every book in store, Houston we have a problem :)) Just these days I was thinking how to solve the problem of awesomebooks not delivering to Romania, so just imagine my problems :)))

  2. Drinking History looks good, Birgit! i thought you were off your ban anyway, so all your buying is legitimate ;) Enjoy all your reads!

  3. As opposed to how you have done I am doing very well with my ban, ;).
    Great buys though!

  4. The important thing is you didn't buy DURING the ban. Right?? You tried it, you did it, you learned you reverted back to your old ways almost immediately. But you tried it- so I congratulate your will power!