August 12, 2012

The Reading Files - Give me my money back!

77 Shadow Street (Dean Koontz)

Thoughts. Once again Koontz doesn't deliver. The mumble jumble of ideas and characters are haphazardly thrown together. No chemistry. No thrill. No nothing. I was so disappointed I could have cried. Boring. And stupid ending. 'nuff said.

Random quote. "If it's something supernatural," Edna said, "it's not going to be afraid of a brass poker."
"It's not supernatural."
"You didn't see it clearly. That's the way supernatural entities are. Quick, vaguely glimpsed, enigmatic."
"Quick, vaguely glimpsed, and enigmatic describes my first husband's performance in the bedroom, and he wasn't supernatural."
(p. 249)

Verdict. Yet another book which sadly proves that Koontz is well past his prime!

How Much Is Enough? (Robert & Edward Skidelsky)

Thoughts. When does need become greed? Don't expect a light and entertaining read on how we spend too much on stuff we don't really need. This one's deep, needs to sink in, get thoroughly digested. Recommended!

Book quote. Who is rich? He who desires nothing. Who is poor? The miser. (Ausonius)

Verdict. A thought-provoking analysis showcasing the economic insatiability of our society!


  1. Too bad about Koontz's book. The other one caught my interest though.

    1. I guess in the future I will resort to rereading older books by Koontz as his newer ones have been (mostly) disappointing. Then again, seeing how he is one of my fav authors I will probably keep on buying his novels no matter what.