August 19, 2012

The Reading Files - If I were reading any slower ...

... I'd actually be reading backwards. Ok, I might be exaggerating, but only a little. I only read two books this week, and we're not talking about heavy tomes either. Somehow I'm just not in a reading mood. In hindsight, raising the ante to 150 books in this year's Goodreads Reading Challenge might have been a very bad idea. And I'm saying this despite having read 96 books already. Not only will September be cut short due to my vacation, there are only three months left to catch up once I return. Anyone know a recipe that helps to read faster? Alright, speed isn't the problem. Motivation is.
On the brighter side, no new books to be added to my TBR piles this week, not even one tiny little Kindle download. *pats herself on the shoulder*

Clutches and Curses (Dorothy Howell)

Thoughts. Imagine a cheap version of Becky Bloomwood constantly stumbling over dead bodies while salivating over the next it-bag. The previous books used to be quite fun, but this one was just plain stupid. Oh crap. No, seriously.

Last words spoken. "Oh, crap."

Verdict. Below average mystery for bag-aholics!

Rescue Me (Rachel Gibson)

Thoughts. This one's less about being steamy (apart from the occasional boinking) than about inducing laughter. Some of the "sexy lines" are just beyond ridiculous, then again who am I to complain about a good laugh?

Random laughter inducing quoteSadie might have cause to feel a little pervy about staring at his impressive package if it hadn't been sort of framed in her window.
(p. 19)

Verdict. Run of the mill romance novel with a Texan twang!


  1. That quote, ugh! Almost as good as Fifty Shades of Grey. But nothing beats that one! Hey, doN't worry about reading speed. If you don't reach your goal, you don't reach it.

  2. Love the snappy reviews!
    I'm trying to slow my reading down so I do other things (like eat and clean). Reading only two books in a week is an achievment for me...
    So if you want to read more, skip meal, don't do housework get the idea.
    Whilst on holiday, read on planes, trains, in cars and waiting rooms....and enjoy :-)

  3. You are NOT reading slowly! :) Enjoy your day and your book! :)