August 26, 2012

The Reading Files - In the summer time ...

Take a handful of reading slump, add two pounds of summer heat, stir for a week. That'd be me this week, basically. Still I read two books, and because I need to catch up with books for review anyway, I stuck my nose into two non-fiction tomes. Alright, maybe not tomes, but currently everything over 50 pages seems like an ordeal to me.

The American Dream (Lawrence R. Samuel)

Thoughts. What are dreams made of? Even more so, what's The American Dream about? Is there such a thing as a European or even Global Dream? Interesting, with fascinating excursions into pop culture.Yet admittedly a bit on the dry side.

Book quote. America seems an Anti-Paradise to me, but it has so much space and so many possibilities and ultimately one does come to belong here. (Albert Einstein)

Verdict. Concise if somewhat prosaic study on The American Dream!

Hollywood Unknowns (Anthony Slide)

Thoughts. The film industry in its early stages. And already everyone wanted to be part of it. What better way to kick off your career than starting out as an extra? Or maybe not. Mesmerizing and disillusioning at the same time. Film buffs, you'll need to read this one!

Conversation starter. Casting telephone operators adopted a form of abbreviated speech. The most depressing one syllable would be "Nerk" signifying "no work".

Verdict. An utter delight for all film aficionados!

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  1. Well done for 2 review books, Birgit! Summer or not you're getting there :) Love that Einstein quote!