August 5, 2012

The Reading Files - M.C.

As some (that would be you, Rikki) of you have already noticed I recently got my hands on several M.C. Beaton mysteries, thanks to those wonderfully addicting Kindle Daily Deals. Granted I haven't owned my Kindle for a very long time, but I noticed how I will read more of those newly purchased Kindle books than the physical books I bought in the past few weeks. So am I just awfully fond of my new toy or am I overly curious about the books I downloaded? We'll never know ...

Death Of A Hussy (M.C. Beaton)

Thoughts. Now there's a character who's trying very hard to be likable *cough* though oddly enough Hamish Macbeth also has his moments that made me smile or even laugh about his offbeat ways. Suffice to say, I'll have to read more of the series to really "get him" though. The mystery itself? Foreseeable to a fault, really.

Random quote. "I don't like that girl one bit", said Priscilla.
"Och she's all right. She'll soon be married to another car."
(p. 103)

Verdict. A mediocre case of murder solved by everyone's much un-loved Highland police man!

Agatha Raisin And The Witch Of Wyckhadden (M.C. Beaton)

Thoughts. Not your average Miss Marple you've got there, and to be honest I am having a hard time growing even remotely fond of dear Agatha. I've read reviews of this series before and I fear that her actions being way beyond stupid here, doesn't promise any betterment in future books. The mystery? Ok.

First line. There is nothing more depressing for a middle-aged lovelorn woman with bald patches on her head than to find herself in and English seaside resort out of season.

Verdict. An average cozy mystery around an amateur sleuth with a penchant for lying!

Tubes (Andrew Blum)

Thoughts. All it takes is a squirrel chewing through a wire. And *poof* your internet connection is dead. Not a pretty thought. As elusive as the internet as a "place" may seem, it really isn't. And mainly it consists of ... wait for it ... tubes.

Things to ponder. The internet has a chicken-and-egg thing going on. If the internet is a network of networks, then it takes two networks to make an internet, so how could one have been the first?
(p. 36)

Verdict. A tech-heavy look behind the scenes of what makes the virtual of the internet tangible!


  1. Yes, I think reading Hamish Macbeth in order would be better, but I am warning you that the series is deteriorating. I am not going to continue I think.
    As for A. Raisin, I haven't met a more unlikeable character, she lies, deceives and is practically thoughtless of any consequences of her actions. How she could ever be a successful business woman is beyond me. I gave up before I got to the book you read.

    1. I've still got one book of each series on my Kindle, both further along in the series. Not sure about when I'll read them though. Besides, I just bought so many cozy mysteries on AwesomeBooks recently, I won't be running out of dead bodies and amateur sleuths anytime soon.