September 10, 2012

A Writer's Life - How 'bout a one liner?

Time and again I would pack a notepad and pen, all set on jotting down the adventures of my many journeys. The plan was always the same. After a long hard day of being out and about I would find a quiet minute to sit down and bring my thoughts about the past hours on paper. Of course it usually ended with me dropping into bed and dozing off within seconds. How could I think of writing when the next adventure awaited me in merely six hours?

I guess it goes without saying that I can't (not in good conscience anyway) call myself a travel writer. Yet I feel the irresistible pull to venture in that very direction once again on my next vacation. Now you're all ears, right? Yet before you get overly excited by the prospect of my travel memoirs, let it be said that I shall try a whole new angle. A short one at that. I'm not going to write down page after page of elaborate descriptions about me riding Splash Mountain, neither will there be explicit scenes involving me and a chocolaty dessert at the Bahama Breeze. It's going to be a one-liner show, folks!

Each day. One sentence.

Now that should make for some seriously fun introspective moments. Quote-worthy even! But let's not get ahead of myself now. This is the plan. I hope I will stick to it. And hell, it's just one line a day! How hard can it be?

Famous last words, eh?

Anyway, notepad ready, pen poised. I'm ready!


Here are some great travel quotes from my other blog, The Travel Garden ...

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.


  1. Replies
    1. That one has been taken at the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London - super cool place to visit!

  2. Brilliant plan! Looking forweard to that. You should make that one sentence a haiku, ;)

  3. I have a little notepad so I can scribble down the funny things the kids say, so that when I get around to blogging about it 2 weeks later, I don't have to rely on my faulty memory.

    1. As long as you pull out the notebook only because of the kids and not because of funny anecdotes that involve yours truly ... ;-)

  4. Great idea! I'm looking forward to that :) Oh, and Rikki's idea about turning it into a haiku is even better :))

    1. What's that about haikus anyway!? *scratches head in wonder*