September 12, 2012

Bookish Etsy - All good things ...

... must come to an end!

In other words, this is the last Bookish Etsy post, at least for the time being. I guess you'll all agree that it's been a fun summer of discovering Etsy shops that offer all kinds of bookish goodness.

Starting with October we'll be back to the good old Beyond the Shelf feature in a slightly different, more snazzy design. And you never know, there might be the occasional Bookish Etsy posts every once in a while too. So yes, there will be more of the good stuff on a slightly irregular basis.

Let's take one last look at all the Etsy shops that have been featured this summer ... oh and, there are a couple of shops which still offer coupon codes for a few more days!

Use THEBOOKGARDEN to receive 10%-Off at Lettershop (valid through September 15th)

Use garden10 to receive 10%-Off at The Magic Closet (valid through September 15th)

Use GARDEN to receive 15%-Off at Novel Creations (valid until further notice)

P.S.: Blank widgets mean that the respective shop is currently in vacation mode!

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  1. it was really great to discover all these artist^^

    thank you