September 9, 2012

The Reading Files - Houses filled with ghosts and books

And two more non fiction books. I guess next week some fiction is in order.

America's Haunted Universities (Matthew L. Swayne)

Thoughts. Things are getting spooky. And now you might want to reconsider which university you attend. Tongue in cheek and wildly entertaining, yet a bit of a haphazard collection of folktales and urban legends of the haunting kind.

Who knew? Former librarians are typically a scapegoat for paranormal activities. Talk about being attached to those books even after you've died.

Verdict. A hauntingly fun read!

The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap (Wendy Welch)

Thoughts. If you're a bibliophile you most likely thought about it yourself. Your very own bookstore. A quaint and wholesome story about a small town bookstore and its people. I'm in love with this place already!

Random quote. "Got some real valuable books here.", she said with satisfaction. [...] I peered into the box. Mouse droppings adorned the top. The corner of one paperback showed teeth marks. Mentally I armed for combat. (p. 74)

Verdict. A bookishly charming memoir!

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