September 2, 2012

The Reading Files - Let's eat a little, let's sleep a little

Guess I'm overdosing on non-fiction lately, but that's ok as I'm currently not in a fiction mood anyway. This suits me just fine, because I'm trying to reduce my review pile to a minimum before heading to Florida. If only writing those reviews weren't such an effort lately. Not as though I'd blame the books, those have been great. Oh well ...

Consider The Fork (Bee Wilson)

Thoughts. From pans and knives to fire and ice. This isn't your ordinary guide into the history of food, but into the world of implements and technology inside the kitchen. I promise, you will never look at your spoon the same way again!

Book quote. Cook, little pot, cook! (Sweet Porridge, Brother's Grimm)

Verdict. A mesmerizing and beautifully written journey into the world of kitchen utensils!

The Slumbering Masses (Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer)

Thoughts. Oh to sleep! Oh to nap! Oh to be restless and cannot fall asleep! Super fascinating topic, yet the execution is a tad too scholastic for my taste.

Lesson learned. What was known as "Pickwickian syndrome", named after a character in a Charles Dickens novel, back in the 1950s, is what we now call obstructive sleep apnea.

Verdict. An extensive survey on everything you ever wanted to know about sleep!

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