September 16, 2012

The Reading Files - Things are getting hairy!

Hairy as in rapid hair growth during a full moon. Yep, I'm finally back to reading fiction after three weeks of plowing through my non fiction review stash. And apparently there was a theme I wasn't even aware of in the first place. Werewolves all around.

The Summoning (Kelley Armstrong)

Thoughts. How little it takes to get institutionalized. And there they were, a bunch of kids all with "problems" of the supernatural kind. Can't help myself, why let a werewolf tag along with the whole ghost theme? Not to mention the book reads as if the last chapters have been chopped off. A cliffhanger taken too far.

Last words spoken. "Liz? There's something I need to tell you."

Verdict. Promising paranormal plot with some flaws in plot and pacing!

Sisters Red (Jackson Pearce)

Thoughts. Nothing beats a good ol' fairy tale. Now how about a mix of both Little Red Riding Hood and Snow-White and Rose-Red in a modern setting? Loved the narrative style from both girl's perspective. Intelligently written, complex characters, now if only the story twist hadn't been all that obvious. Still, totally loved that book!

Random quote. My sister has the heart of an artist with a hatchet and an eye patch. And I, we both now know, have a heart that is undeniably, irreparably different.
(p. 340)

Verdict. A captivating and mesmerizing fairy tale retelling in an urban fantasy setting!

Claire De Lune (Christine Johnson)

Thoughts. Being a werewolf as disease that may be cured? Fascinating concept, yet the book itself disappointed. The kind of story that goes in one ear and out the other.

First line. She killed him in the darkest part of the night, before the dew had settled on the grass.

Verdict. Werewolf story with a twist yet boring execution!

Moonlight (Rachel Hawthorne)

Thoughts. Not much happening. No suspense whatsoever. On the upside it was a mellow read for a lazy afternoon which suited me just fine. And is it just me or does the girl on the cover look like the one who played Cybill's daugther in the sitcom?

Last lines. For now it was enough. For now it was everything.

Verdict. Fluffy *haha* light werewolfy novel!

Need (Carrie Jones)

Thoughts. It's always nice when werewolves don't have to face vampires. But pixies? Really!? Anyway, I really enjoyed the narrative which is sort of detached, yet totally supplements Zara's inner turmoil. Overall though, just not my cuppa tea.

Who knew? You can be afraid of a great many things. Strange things at that. Phobophobia is fear of phobias.

Verdict. Paranormal novel spruced up with pixies and werewolves!

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