October 8, 2012

A Writer's Life - The Travel Journal Part II

To all of you who've been in eager anticipation of some vacation pics, wait no more, 'cause the time has come to share some of my favorite snapshots. And with nights spent wide awake (thanks to jet-lag) I decided not just to upload any old photo, instead I first played around a bit on Pixlr which, as I'd like to add, is a fantastic site to spruce up your photos. Here's the result ...

Cinderella's Castle at The Magic Kingdom
Taking a photo from Tomorrowland was the only way to avoid pictures with cranes in the background due to all the construction going on to build the new Fantasyland.

The Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom
One of my all-time favorite rides and they now even have a lovely walk-through cemetery, how neat is that?

Spaceship Earth at Epcot
Let's just say it's been a rainy day!

The Land at Epcot
For some strange reason they didn't have any Mickey-shaped pumpkins this time, but Mickey did leave his imprint after all!

Kilimajaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom
The next best thing to a real safari I dare say and I totally love the giraffes!

Flower Snapshot at Animal Kingdom
Please don't ask me what kind of flower this is, all I know is that it's darn pretty!

Mel's Drive-In at Universal Studios
After a hard day's work at the studios you need to treat yourself to a burger and shake in best Hollywood tradition!

Alien at Universal Studios
Errr ... no, I won't go out on a date with you! I've seen what happens when you get a girl pregnant!!

Nom nom nom
Nutella Waffle with fresh fruit!
It began as a Top Secret research laboratory on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle ... a tornado later it sits upside down right across the hotel in which I stayed.

Room with a View
This is the view from my hotel room and had I taken my camera with me to breakfast on September 19th I could now show you a picture of the Endeavor passing by overhead. I'm not joking, I really saw her and what an awesome sight it was. In the meantime my camera snored away in the room-safe.

Amy & Birgit
That's me and my friend (and editor) Amy who I met for the very first time in real life! What fun we had! Thankfully the rumor about that YouTube video (allegedly about us trying to get in and out of the tubes on the lazy river) is just that - a rumor!

To enlarge the pictures just click on them!


  1. i was waiting for this post^^ thank you for the pictures. It's really more than what i was expecting.

    the halloween decoration were already put there? ( in france yes)

  2. A hotel with a swimming pool... Nice :))

  3. I am SO very glad there is no evidence (other than our faulty memories) of us getting in and out of those tubes. :)