October 3, 2012

Beyond the Shelf - Storybird

Where to go? Storybird

What's it all about? Storybirds are short visual stories that you can make with friends and family to share and (soon) print.

Who should check it out? This site is for everyone, really. It's not only a fun place to create your own storybook (make that bird), but also a great place for kids to let their creativity run wild.

Time well spent? Yep, and please don't blame me if you end up spending hours on there reading storybirds others have created. Perfect for the bored mind and definitely stimulating enough to create your own little storybird *chirp*.

One for the road ...

Boys I Have Loved on Storybird


  1. Glad you discovered it! I have to look for a link to send you the one I have created ;)

    1. Admittedly I discovered it through you as I saw your post a while ago!

      P.S.: Still waiting for your link! :-)

  2. your story is so cute! haha this is a really cool site.

    <3 Melissa

    1. Well, it isn't MY story, but close enough, hahaha!