October 14, 2012

Get *The Attic in My Yard* FREE at Smashwords

So I decided to slap on a new cover and here's the result!

And because this warrants a little celebration I decided to make The Attic in My Yard FREE on Smashwords for the time being. Of course you never know when I'll settle back on possibly maybe earning a few bucks and put on a wee price tag again, sooo ... download the gift book for free now - only while supplies last! Haha, just kidding.

Want it? Thought so. Go here.


  1. So this is second edition? :) The new cover does not download with the book... I tried .pdf.

    1. Apparently the cover only automatically attaches to the epub and mobi version, but you can download it by clicking on the cover image and it will enlarge.

      Oh and there are no real changes in the book, just some minor formatting so it'll work better on Kindle, plus I designed a new cover! :-)

  2. awesome, this is like winning two giveaways from you in two days! :D thanks!