October 6, 2012

Pajama Musings - Let's talk about the US economy

Now several eyebrows will wander heavenwards which is pretty understandable. What on Earth has the US economy even remotely got to do with books? Good question. Unfortunately I'm still borderline jet-lagged and can't come up with a good answer. Though I might be able to squeeze in some stray thoughts. If I concentrate real hard I think I can glimpse it out of the corner of my tired eyes.

A relation between those things with pages and the economy would be to look at a bundle of banknotes as something you can also leaf through. Not as though I'd ever had enough money to get the same feeling I'd get leafing through an actual book. Now you're impressed, just say it out loud. I am a bookish genius. I ... you know what? I think I need a short nap ...


And back again! Sort off. At least my body is. Ha.

Where was I? Ah yes ... the US economy which got a real nice boost because yours truly went on a wee shopping spree. Make that sprees. Plural. And all the rambling in the first paragraphs of this post is not just based on my mind still residing in another time zone, but also to fend off those giveaway vultures. Wouldn't want to drop the G-word prematurely and rather make this little giveaway extra special for those who actually do read my blog on a regular basis.

Some of you might remember my blog post where I asked for your input regarding souvenirs and I bet you've been waiting with anticipation on the day (aka today) that I share the goodness with you. Wait no longer, the time has come, and all you have to do is fill out the form to be in for the chance to get your hands on one of two boxes filled with all kinds of stuff from my trip to Orlando.

Now why are there a whole lot of things shown in just one photo you might wonder? Well, at first I thought I'd split the goodies and make two boxes, then I figured why not let you pick your favorites? Of course it's not as simple as that. Plenty of strange questions are waiting for you and if you look close enough you might make out this'n'that on the photo. Depending on your choices in the form you might not necessarily get what you want (if you guessed what on Earth it could possibly be, ha) but I promise to pack the boxes for both winners as fair as possible. The only exception is that the first winner will receive their favorite Disney plushie!

And now without further ado ... the form.

Comments do not count as entries - you must fill out the form!
You have to be a follower of my blog, though I'm not picky - GFC, RSS feed, e-mail, Facebook, Networked Blogs, Bloglovin', Linky Followers or Goodreads - what ever works best for you!
Due to shipping costs this giveaway is open to Europe only!
There will be two winners - the first winner will be handpicked by me which basically means if you're a regular reader of my blog, commenting every now and again, your chances are good to get picked, but fear not 'cause the second winner will be randomly drawn.

This post will be open for a week, but time may be extended in case of low entries.


  1. ^^ thank you a lot, i hesitated for my answer to the plush... i would love them both since it will be a gift from you but if i had to jump to catch one it would be pluto if it's as soft as he looks^^ ( but really i would be happy with anything)
    ( there wasn't pink in the color either^^;; but my favorite color are blue, lilas, green and pink so i could pick two anyway^^)

    you really choose the plush well in any case ( i know i know i'm really focused on those^^)

    thank you once again but i hope you did pick things for you too^^

    1. Of course I bought stuff for myself, hahaha! A whole lot of it too. In case you've seen the big Mum Bear from the Disney movie *Brave* I bought that one and it filled up my luggage pretty good because it's huge!

      P.S.: Both plushies are super soft!

  2. lol, loved the questions on the form!! Thanks for the giveaway & glad it's Europe only as most giveaways tend to be US or US/CA only =)



    1. I also wish there were more international giveaways, but I do understand that postage can be prohibitive in that regard. And I sure like having a few Europe-only giveaways on my blog! For once we're not being left out! :-)

  3. Low entries? Nah, that can't be possible, I will enter with my 7 nicknames as well :))))

    1. You have some funky nicknames, my dear!

      Just teasing ... ;-P

  4. Great giveaway! I am pretty sure I know what a few items are...hint...I love Bath and Bodyworks! If you ever want to order stuff from Europe let me know...I found a place :)

    Oh and I hope there are some Twizzlers in there....I ate all mine!

    1. No Twizzlers, but you're right about the B&BW item! And you seriously know a place to order from in Europe? Where where where???