October 7, 2012

The Postman Files - It's good to be back!

One should think that tons of books arrived at my doorstep in my absence, but nope. I've been good and haven't been ordering any books lately. Of course this doesn't translate into a completely empty mailbox! Or book bag, for that matter.

Birthday Prezzies
Forever, Erma (Erma Bombeck)
from Amy
Pod (Stephen Wallenfels)
from Donna

Flea Market Haul
Die Herren von Winterfell (George R.R. Martin)
Das Erbe von Winterfell (George R.R. Martin)
Der Thron der Sieben Königreiche (George R.R. Martin)
It (Stephen King)

At first I was thrilled about finding the first three books from the A Song of Ice and Fire Series - all look brand new and only cost € 1,00 each (instead of € 15,50 each which is quite a price tag for paperbacks if you ask me). Back home I realized that they might be tomes in their own right, but not the way I though they were. I've had that happen before, buying German editions of books only to realize that the German publisher separated the original English version into two parts. I mean, seriously!? Bottom line is that I didn't buy the first three books, but instead the first two book (in two parts) and half of the second book *grumbles*. I was so pissed that I decided to sell them off again.

Almost forgot ... several of my Netgalley requests have been approved too!

For Review
The Half-Life of Facts (Samuel Arbesman)
The Tinkerers (Alec Foege)
Dead Whispers (A.E. Angel)
from NetGalley


  1. These are A LOT of books :)

  2. that's something i learned not too long agao that in german edition often they divided the book ( and when we know the price it's really a shame) i really don't understand why;so far i haven't had that problem with french editions *pff* and i hope it will stay the same i don't want to pay the double price

    don't worry i'm sure you will get that series one day^^

    1. I guess publishing houses want to cash in more money that way, otherwise why do it? It's really annoying and it only goes to show that reading books in their original language is the better choice *sigh*.

    2. i don't think they will get more money because a lot of reader stop the series

  3. Haha, that is where the rage came from. I can understand that even better now. To have to do it knowingly is bad enough, but buying three books and then lerning they are only 1.5 afterwards is shocking.

    1. The rage evaporated into thin air now that I already found a seller who bought the books for € 20,- (apparently this is a bargain price despite them being used books). This leaves me with a profit of € 17,- which I can now invest in full versions of the books (I saw that the boxed set with the first four books sells for € 16,- on Amazon - English version, obviously) though, honestly, right now I think I only bought them at the flea market because of all the hype and the cheap price *shrugs*. If I should do the same next year with the 50 Shades books, please shoot me!

    2. ah good news i'm glad it turned well for you in the end^^