October 21, 2012

The Reading Files - Haunted bathroom, anyone?

Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to experience any ghostly encounters while sitting on the porcelain throne. Not even if it involves happy haunts. Distraction of the bookish kind are never wrong though. I mean, why waste precious minutes doing one thing when you can do a little multitasking. Yep, still speaking of using the bathroom!

Dead Whispers (A.E. Angel)

Thoughts. I guess all those paranormal novels are rubbing off on my general reading habits. Anyway. Reviewing a book about EVPs (ghostly voices on tape) without the CD is kind of pointless, however I'll be trying my best in my actual review which will be posted next week.

Lesson learned. The number one rule of save ghost hunting is to never trespass.

Verdict. When ghosts talk! Or do they?

Uncle John's Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader

Thoughts. Not my first bathroom reader, and most likely not my last either. I've always enjoyed them, and still do. Broad spectrum of topics which I love. Think genius conversation starters and useless but laughter-inducing fun facts. Perfect to dig into anytime you've got a few minutes to spare!

Conversatio starter. First U.S. president to have his picture taken was John Quincy Adams (1843).

Verdict. Fully loaded indeed! Will keep you from being bored during many sittings to come!

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