October 7, 2012

The Reading Files - Let's get cozy!

When I went to Goodreads after my vacation I made a shocking discovery - I have fallen behind with five books in this years reading challenge! Yikes! What's a girl to do? Get creative of course. And cheat a little, all right. So I grabbed my stack of Bradley Trevor Greive books on a sleepless Monday night and re-read them all. All ten of them, oh yes. Now that means I was five books ahead, but obviously my reading frenzy didn't stop there. The rest of the week was then spent on something more substantial than "just gift-books", who all fit into into the category average. Of course there is nothing wrong with a book which is "only" good, but I wouldn't have minded some amazing reads of a personal-favorites variety either.

Murder is Binding (Lorna Barrett)

Thoughts. Welcome to Booktown! How could a small town setting with lots of bookstores not captivate me? It might have, if I had warmed up to the main character a bit more, and then the whole twin-scenario was sooo cliched *big sigh*.

Favorite quoteAlways a bookworm, Tricia had never had any evil ways to mend. (p. 86)

Verdict. Disappointingly average cozy mystery, but hey ... bookstores!

Chapter & Hearse (Lorna Barrett)

Thoughts. Usually it's not a good idea to jump from book 1 to book 4 in a series, yet it's a good way to see how characters lives have progressed. As to the story, it is a solid mystery, however I still can't warm up to Tricia *even bigger sigh*.

First line. The poster on the Cookery's display window had advertised the book signing for at least a month. 

Verdict. A bookish mystery of the explosive kind!

Dying in Style (Elaine Viets)

Thoughts. Almost threw in the towel after the first 40 pages but then things started speeding up and the whole mystery shopper caught in a not exactly cozy mystery turned out to be not so bad after all. Or maybe it was the whole shopping theme that kept me going?

Last line. "The game's afoot,", Josie said.

Verdict. Average mystery for the shoppingly inclined!

Murder Unleashed (Elaine Viets)

Thoughts. Once again I struggled, this time a lot longer than 40 pages. Not sure why, but I simply didn't get into it when suddenly the story gained momentum after all. Dog thief. Dead dog owner. Hurricane. Nice mix, yet didn't rock my boat all that much.

Random quote. Helen went home that evening, satisfied with her day's work. She'd solved a mystery, stopped a black-mailer, and helped a woman in trouble. Too bad none of it helped her. (p. 162)

Verdict. A bit slow going but worthwhile mystery for Elaine Viets fans!

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