October 12, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Let's talk ... Esoteric

Now, before you all shy away from this post, let me remind you that non fiction has plenty of genres and yes, Esoteric books are certainly part of the lot. In fact, the respective sections in bookstores can often be quite big and there are even shops specializing in all things magic and spiritual. That said, why not take a look at what Esoteric actually means?

I remember when I was still working at a bookshop (many eons ago) we had everything from books on Astrology straight to UFO's on display in this section. This is a rather broad spectrum though and branches out from what the term is actually referring to, namely alternative or marginalized religious movements or philosophies. As far as books of the genre are concerned you will find anything from life after death to witchcraft, from angels to runes, from animal magic to healing powers of gemstones. Some of these will make you wonder about the mental stability of the respective reader while others might not sound all that far removed from your own beliefs.

Let me in on a little secret. I've been devouring Esoteric books when I was a teenager. If I had granted you a look onto my book shelves back then you'd have thought I was Fox Mulder's little sister ... apart from the fact that she had been abducted by aliens. But I digress.

Popular or not? 
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Reading Suggestions?
Now that's a tough one considering all the sub-genres, so I will simply stick to those I actually know (and read) about. A classic piece, and probably one of the most serious examinations of the topic, is Life After Life (Raymond Moody). Those with a little bit more sense for adventure might try themselves on Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience (Stanton T. Friedman & Kathleen Marden).

Getting into the right Esoteric mood!
Is it just me or is paranormal fiction one of the most popular genres these days? Why not do a little "background research" and learn about angels, vampires, zombies and the likes from a more, errr, scientific angle ... oh alright then, let's refer to it as a little less fictitious *wink*.


Have you ever read Esoteric books? If so, which topic(s) fascinate you the most? Or maybe you think the whole genre is plain humbug? Please share.

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  1. i've read a bit about tarot and earth magic.i wanted to see how they spoke about it.
    it's interesting to see they piont of view even if i don't share them.
    Now since i'm reading a lot of paranormal and urban fantsy book i wouldn't mind reading a book about wiccan or pagan magic to see if teh author made its own version or used a more well know version of it