October 5, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Recommended Reads #3

What better books to present to you the week after returning from my trip to Walt Disney World than some travel guides. I've been to Orlando, and the parks for that matter, so often that I'd be hard pressed to tell you exactly how many times I visited. Come to think of it, I could probably write my own guide about the parks, but why not resort to some of the great guides already available? There are two books which I want to share with you today as they are both fun and informative.

The Hidden Magic Of Walt Disney World (Susan Veness) presents hidden secrets as well as lesser known facts about all four Disney Parks. While I did know a few of the things mentioned in the book, and with some fun facts unfortunatelly being outdated, it is a great guide for everyone who loves WDW, because it lets you discover so many new and lovely details that you might have otherwise missed. Added bonus: A short outline on the history of the parks at the end of every chapter!

The Complete Walt Disney World 2011 (Julie and Mike Neal) is just that - a complete guide to not only the four theme parks, but to everything else that comprises WDW too, including the water parks, Downtown Disney, Disney Resort hotels and much more. As is the case with every good travel guide, there's detailed information on all the attractions, but you'll also find tons of recommendations on planning your trip to WDW. While I may not agree with every single rating of the attractions (especially when one of my favorites only received 3 stars instead of well deserved 5 stars), this is definitely the ultimate travel guide for your time at the parks.

Who do I recommend these books to?
Disney-holics, of course.

I realize not everyone is a fan of Disney, but let's take this a step further. Travel guides, my dears. I'm not necessarily talking about those small volume city guides, but the heavy books with tons of pictures and background material on your destination. So if you love to travel, yet are a bit hesitant about reading non fiction, I suggest to give it a try.


Are you generally interested in travel guides? Or maybe a city map is all you need on your next vacation? Have you been to Walt Disney World yourself? Any favorite travel guides you'd like to share? Let me know.

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