October 26, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Recommended Reads #4

Those who know me will be aware how I have a little bit of Becky Bloomwood inside of me. In other words, I love to throw money on pretty things. Despite the fact that I've converted to frugal living in the past years, I do enjoy the occasional splurge as much as reading on the topic. Yep, there are books on shopping! Who would have thought?

One of the absolute must-reads for anyone fascinated by fashion and luxury is Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre (Dana Thomas). This book isn't so much for people who enjoy luxury items, but for those who want to risk a glance behind the lustrous image of expensive brand name goods. A well researched tour on how luxury was created in the 18th/19th century to what luxury today - from mass production straight to the growing industry of counterfeit products. Some might say, it's a bit too "journalistic", but with great eye for detail and lots of insider scoops the book is certainly not in the least prosaic.

If this doesn't sound as enjoyable for you despite your own love for fashion, I have a completely different book for you. The One Hundred (Nina Garcia) presents a list of the classic items every woman must own, from fashion and garments to lipsticks and perfumes. Spruced up with tips and tricks, a bit of historical background and quotes this is THE go-to style-guide for fashionistas with the cutest and prettiest illustrations, eeek!! And I must say, I like how it's not just about wardrobe must-have's, but also, let's call them lifestyle items, such as monogrammed stationary and a valid passport.

Who do I recommend these books to?
Fashionistas and Becky Bloomwood wannabes.


Are you not only a bookaholic but a shopaholic to boot? Do these books tickle your fashionistic fancy? Maybe you've even read them? If so feel free to share how you liked them.


  1. The only thing that I buy without minding the price is books, and struggling to stop, from time to time. I only bought one book this month, so that is a success. As for the rest, i am definitely not a shopaholic, in fact, I do not really enjoy shopping too much, I am always pressed for time but I do enjoy it when I am on holiday though :)

    1. Another frugal gal, yay! Actually I do mind book prices too which is why I love buying used books or go for paperbacks. Only one book last month? That's impressive.
      Funny you should mention being a holiday shopper, because I'm like that as well. I haven't been to the Mall (which is basically around the corner) for months now, because I hate the hustle there and you never find what you're looking for anyway. I love online-shopping though!

  2. If I read 'The One Hundred' and find I don't have many of the items,I'll have to get them. :) And right now my shopping is contained to Christmas for those munchkins. Oh, and yarn. Always yarn!

    1. Ha, that might happen, all right. But believe me, I don't own all hundred pieces either, even after having read the book.
      And what's that about yarn? Oh dear, I secretly hope I won't like knitting, so not to start yarn-hoarding now *lol*.