November 26, 2012

A Writer's Life - Christmas Time's A-Comin' Part I

Only four more weeks to go before it's time to give the favorite writer in your life a Christmas prezzie which will hopefully leave a good impression and not inspire said writer to put you into their next novel, though not in a favorable way.

Sometimes it seems that it's easier for writers to find gifts for people in their lives than the other way around. Blame it on our knack for observation and just general creativity which runs through our veins. So as to avoid that you end up as that character that got killed off in Chapter 2 (or worse, you could be that dead body in the very first sentence if your present was of the unbelievable awful variety) I will share with you a few suggestions on what to give, or not to give as a gift to a writer.

Let's start with what you should avoid!

Writing YA Fiction
I know what you're thinking. Books!? Isn't that actually something writers love? In short - yes! The point is that we love books so much that we already own so many and to make things worse we buy most of them ourselves. So unless your soon-to-be-gifted writer doesn't drop hints by the dozen or hands out wishlists, I suggest to proceed with caution when it comes to buying a book as a present.

Alice in Wonderland Mug
Writers need mugs. Filled with tea or coffee or booze. However, after having received at least a dozen mugs on various occasions we are usually well equipped to host a writing circle with no one having to sip their tea or coffee or booze out of paper cups. So unless you are certain that the writer in question is  beyond being broke and in desperate need of a mug (and plates, cutlery, and what not) I say steer clear of adding yet another one to the collection.

Notebooks and Pens.
Diamond Pen from Aurora
Yes, we need them! And trust me, we've usually got enough to get us through the next decade. So unless you want to spoil the writer in your life with something that really stands out, say a diamond encrusted pen, you might want to come back next week when I will let you in on the kind of gifts writers will definitely cherish!

Not so fast. Of course I'd like to know from other writers what kind of presents they'd like to add to the not-recommended-for-gift-giving list!


  1. i am not a writer, you people do not buy me books or mugs because they know I buy books myself, anything I want and I already have my favorite mugs from all around Europe and one official Madonna mug, so why bother... :) However, I do wish for a special pen from Coelho's collection :)

  2. I'd love to have that mug! :) Thank you for entering my giveaway btw!