November 5, 2012

A Writer's Life - I'll procrastinate ... later!

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Let it be said that just because writers often have this tendency to procrastinate that we're not doing something. Trust me, we do plenty, just not what we know we should be doing. Basically, the further up on our to-do list, the less likely we'll do it straight away. We work ourselves up from bottom to top. Then of course new "activities" get added to that list and somehow we never quite make it to the one thing we set our minds on yet feel can't approach in good conscience if we don't get rid of those distracting other tasks.

What I'm trying to say is that some might think I'm a lazy bum for not sticking to this year's writing goals. Truth is I should have never set those goals in the first place as I was destined to fail simply by putting them on the top of that darn list. And it really isn't as if I haven't been writing at all ... just not on what I thought I would *sigh*.

And in case that you've never experienced procrastination before - for one, how dare you call yourself a writer!? Shame. On. You. Secondly, here are a few tips and tricks for you. Tried and true,

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Are you a procrastinator too? I'd appreciate your comment now ... not later *wink*.

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  1. I used to joke I put the pro in procrastinate. I've recently learned I need to write a list of things I need to accomplish each day and do it. Writing is always on that list. Most of the time, I get everything crossed off.

    Haha, those 6 Techniques to Avoid Writing are hilarious! Thanks for sharing. :)