November 25, 2012

The Reading Files - Aliens? Gods? You name it.

Once there was a book stack. Now it is no more. Ok, small book stack, but nevertheless ...

POD (Stephen Wallenfels)

Thoughts. Wow, all I can say is, wow. Seriously. This book gripped me and wouldn't let go. Maybe not much "actual" story, but boy did the characters and their fate pull me in and chill me to the bone. So, remember, when the aliens show up, you better make sure you've got a full pantry and good company.

Random quote. "One of those dear could feed us for a month."
And there you have it folks. I see Bambi. He sees deer cutlets frying in a pan. 
That's why I didn't want to tell him.
(p. 167)

Verdict. Amazing science fiction treat!

Under the Never Sky (Veronica Rossi)

Thoughts. A bit of a rough start with that one as the narrative was a bit blah at first, but then things started rolling. Love the clash of the different "cultures" and while I didn't quite connect with Aria the rest of the cast did make up for this (mostly). And the twist with the whole "senses thing" is definitely a plus.

Last line. She chased the sounds until all she heard was his heartbeat and then his breath and his voice, right by her ear, telling her, in tones as warm as fire, exactly the words she wanted to hear.

Verdict. Dystopian adventure with just a touch of paranormality!

The Goddess Test (Aimee Carter)

Thoughts. Off to a good start. Mythology meets modern times and all. And then. Utter boredom. The hero has the charm of an ice-cube and our heroine *shakes head in disbelieve* is anything but heroic. And don't even get me started on the non existent chemistry. The best about it all must be the cover.

First words spoken. "How did it happen this time?"

Verdict. Disappointingly clich├ęd from beginning to end!

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  1. Exactly what happened to me with The Goddess Test: I was bored out of my mind. Had to pass my book along to another reader! :) Making note of Pod to put it on my wishlist because it sounds really good.