November 18, 2012

The Reading Files - Getting rid of freebies ...

Everyone who's not guilty of downloading copious amounts of free eBooks please raise your hands. Ah, I thought so. Long story short, I decided to dedicate this week to my unread freebies. Not as though this would have made a huge dent into what I've virtually stored away, but you know ...

... the first two are fairly new downloads while the other two have been lurking on my eReader for about a year or so. The sad thing is that I only got the latter because they were free and not because I actually wanted to read them so badly. At least I have changed my ways in recent months and will only download freebies now if I'm genuinely interested!

Here goes.

Hollowland (Amanda Hocking)

Thoughts. Run of the mill post-apocalyptic zombie novel. Neither bad nor standing out amongst its peers. If it weren't for the thing with the lion which was just too far fetched for my taste. And yes, far fetched in a book with zombies, but anyway.

First lineThis is the way the world ends - not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door.

Verdict. Your average zombie novel with one tough fighter chick!

Jenny Pox (J.L. Bryan)

Thoughts. Her touch kills. His touch heals. Throw it all together in a high school ambiance and add some reincarnation and sex and gore. I thought this was YA. If it is then I'd like to call it the YA version of Splatterpunk, sorta.

Last words spoken. Then we'd better get started. One lifetime goes by like that.

Verdict. Intriguing idea goes all crazy and weird!

Fatal Destiny (Marie Force)

Thoughts. Reading novellas in a series I know nothing about has once again proven to be a bad idea. A romantic read? Not really. A suspenseful read? Nah. But don't listen to me blabbering on - if you love the other books, I say go for it.

Random quote. "Tell me I don't have to cut Fenway," Nick said, stricken by the idea of it.
"We took lots of pictures," Shelby assured him, handing him a knife. "Have at it."
"I can't. It would be like bringing another eight-six-year curse down on the Sox."
(p. 109)

Verdict. Mediocre contemporary romance novella!

The Spurned Viscountess (Shelley Munro)

Thoughts. I'm not going for historical romances all that often, but when I do I set my expectations high. Here we have one reluctant hero, one feisty heroine, a bit of suspense and mystery, all spruced up with just the right amount of steamy scenes. I seriously need to read more in this genre!

First words spoken. Hastings, the carriage is coming. Your betrothed has arrived. 

Verdict. Sweet and sexy and utterly enjoyable!


  1. I liked the Spurned Vicountess too. And it has a supernatural element as well...

  2. I don't download freebies unless I want to read them...and that doesn't mean I do get round to reading them but don't see the point in getting stuff just because it's free.

  3. *raising my hand* I don't download lots of freebies. I have in the past loaded my Nook with books I bought, which I tend to forget about...

  4. Actually I don't download a lot of freebies at all. Just the odd story I want to rad like The Birthmark recently. Birgit, I am afraid you are in the minority here, :).

  5. I still need to read Hollowland and Jenny Pox. I have them free too! I just haven't gotten around to them yet. I have heard great things about Jenny pox and not so great things about Hollowland but I am willing to give both a chance. You wrote some great mini-reviews. Thanks for reminding me about these. I have so many books that I forget!