November 11, 2012

The Reading Files - I'll drink to that!

More non fiction on my plate this week. Booze and books. Go figure.

Drinking History (Andrew F. Smith)

Thoughts. Everything you ever wanted to know about what American's like to chug down, now and then. Informative yet bordering on school book charm. still, interesting to find out more about eg Root Beer or Dr. Pepper.

Conversation starter. Coffee was America's second-most-popular beverage until the 1950s, when it was overtaken by soft drinks.

Verdict. Shaken, but definitely not stirred!

One for the Books (Joe Queenan)

Thoughts. Imagine a fellow who loves his books. I mean really loves them. Quirky and opinioned. Snarky and flippant. Book snob too? You bet. I couldn't sing louder praises for a book about the passion for ... wait for it ... books!

Random quote[...] the real message Bram Stoker sought to convey in Dracula is that a human being needs to live hundreds and hundreds of years to get all his reading done; that Count Dracula, misunderstood bookworm, was draining blood from the porcelainlike necks of ten thousand hapless virgins not because he was the apotheosis of evil but because it was the only way he could live long enough to polish off his reading list.

Verdict. Reading? Obsessed!


  1. Oh, how fun! Drinking and reading? You've certainly piqued my interest :) Hope you're having a nice weekend!


  2. That's a great quote about Dracula! Makes me want to check this book out.