November 4, 2012

The Reading Files - Of hotels and bookshops

When you're on a roll you're on a roll so I once again dug into some lovely non fiction books. Did I just hear someone stifle a yawn? Shame on you. Non fiction rocks!

Heads in Beds (Jacob Tomsky)

Thoughts. I generally like those behind-the-scenes looks, even if it's written by wanna-be authors who rarely have any talent to speak off (with a few notable exceptions). This one couldn't write a decent line if his life depended on it. A whole lot of use the F-word (56 times in various combinations) and maybe one or two actually interesting observations. Pfff...

Good to know. One of (many) standard lies from the mouth of a front desk agent in a hotel: My pleasure!

Verdict. Little insights, lots of swearing!

My Bookstore (Ronald Rice, Ed.)

Thoughts. Authors sharing their memories/love/appreciation/... for their favorite bookshops. How could a bibliophile not love this book? Makes me wish I had a decent bookstore I could brag about, alas I haven't and that makes me really sad now.

Favorite quote. Reading is the best excuse for not writing - thus we are always in dire need of books, lots and lots, plies and more piles.
Jeanne Birdsall

Verdict. For the love of bookshops!


  1. Hm, the first one looks kind of interesting, even though the guy seems to be a bad writer. Re the swearing, hotel employees are a rather rough bunch when among themselves, so it might be pretty realistic.

    1. Honestly, I cannot in good conscience recommend that book, so if you want to give it a try, don't say I didn't warn you! My own hopes were high for this one too, and after great books such as "Retail Hell" by Freeman Hall or good books such as "Waiter Rant" by Steve Dublanica this one is quite a let-down, at least for me.