November 9, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Cover me in ... chocolate!

After the previous and without a doubt overly healthy Cover me in ... feature I thought I'd supply you with some yummy treats which will make your sweet tooth ache! And maybe you'll even feel inspired to check out some of these books. Once the sugar rush has subsided, that is.

Give me my daily chocolate!
The Bittersweet World Of Chocolate (Troth Wells & Nikki van der Gaag)
Discover Chocolate (Clay Gordon)

One for the cops!
Glazed America (Paul R. Mullins)
Don't Take The Last Donut (Judith Bowman)

I want candy!
Candyfreak (Steve Almond)
The Emperors Of Chocolate (Joel Glenn Brenner)

Are you still drooling, or voting for your favorite cover(s) already?

Curious about last time's results?
Go here (and of course you may still vote there too).


  1. History of the Doughnut sounds yummy. And interesting - I know next to nothing about the topic ;)

  2. I am so drooling over the second cover. I want chocolate now.