November 16, 2012

This isn't Fiction - Recommended Reads #5

Don't we all know the moments when we are desperately searching for a present (preferably last minute, argh) for someone near and dear? When all else fails, buy a book! At least that's my motto. Of course you can't always be sure what kind of books you aunt, your neighbor or your new colleague might like, but fear not 'cause there is this thing called Gift Book.

Who I'd like to recommend to you today is Bradley Trevor Greive whose The Blue Day Book is just the first in a line of similar books, which probably remains the best sold and most popular one of his many books. It features a collection of amusing animal photographs and inspirational text designed to "lift the spirits of anyone who has got the blues". Along the same lines follow more of these delightful, encouraging, and witty gift books for every occasion.

Now let me in on a little secret. These books are also great to buy for yourself. No, seriously, they are. I own quite a number of them and I will read them again every once in a while, because ... well, they are just plain lovely and never fail to make me smile!

How about taking a look at some of them?

The Book For People Who Do Too Much - Hard work has killed a whole bunch of people. It has also caused premature aging, baldness and explosive indigestion.

The Simple Truth About Love  - Falling in love is just like kissing, no two people do it the same way.

Dieting Causes Brain Damage - #1 lesson is to "Keep your mouth shut."

To find out more about Bradley Trevor Greive visit his website!
Who do I recommend these books to?
Everyone who's in need of a smile, cheering up, or a good laugh. 


What's your take on Gift Books? Like to give them to others or do you find them too cheesy? Maybe you know Greive's books? If so, do you like them? Please share.

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