December 3, 2012

A Writer's Life - Christmas Time's A-Comin' Part II

After establishing  in last week's post what kind of presents might not always be such a good idea for the writer in your life, I'd like to share what I feel are genuinely great gift ideas.

So, without further ado, let's get started.

Coffee Gift Basket
All right, that sounds bad. The thing is, every writer is clinging to a bottle, or rather mug, and that mug needs to be filled. Not necessarily with booze, though it is certainly an option. Find out what kind of liquid fuels your personal writer, say tea or coffee or the likes, and buy a nice gift basket for them. Feel free to go for the pricier stuff, because we're usually much too broke to buy that for ourselves. Oh and including chocolate in that basket doesn't hurt either!

Victoria's Secret
Now that sounds awfully personal, I know. But you see, we don't sit at our computers with suit and tie, so to speak. We sit here in very comfy clothes. Most of the time this translates into pajamas (for me anyway). Still not convinced? Go for loungewear then as this is the perfect garment for readers and writers alike. And if you feel particularly savvy, throw in some fuzzy socks too!

Spa Bad Blumau
A day at a spa.
Not only does this gift take us away from our daily grind it also gets us out of the house for once. Away from characters who behave differently than we want them to. Away from the sinister writer's block. Away away up and away ... uhm, where was I? Right. A day at a spa. Add a massage and a manicure and I'll dedicate my next book to you!

Got more ideas which you think would make any writer happy? Please share! If I love the idea I might just send you my address so you know where to send it *wink*.

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  1. I think you covered everything that could be offered as a present. All we need to add is time off, a lot, snow and good books and great company :)